Welcome to Island Time…

and welcome to Southernmost Tattoo. As our name states, we are the southernmost located tattoo and piercing studio in the United States. History has been made: Tattooing has only recently been resurrected in Key West after a thirty year plus hiatus. The founding fathers of Southernmost Tattoo were the driving force and crucial factor behind challenging and changing the laws that for 40 years kept our little island paradise sadly devoid of the art of tattooing.

The award winning artists at Southernmost have come to us from all over the country. They combine over 50 years of experience traversing a wide variety of styles and technique. You’re in paradise now, the end of the rainbow. In finding Southernmost Tattoo, you’ve found your pot of gold. So, kick back, relax and enjoy your stay. Take home your ultimate souvenir… a perfect reminder, so personal, so lasting, so uniquely yours… an individual piece of art from the artists of Southernmost Tattoo. Peace out.